Expressions of Freedom

Expressions of Freedom

The Expressions of Freedom will see a number of visual and performance art pieces showcased. It will also include a site specific performance piece called Run Your Art Out.

#Everything Must Fall - Lee-Roy Jason 

From #RhodesMustFall, #FeesMustFall and #GenderMustFall, to the current campaign of #ZumaMustFall, the pursuit of freedom has now come with a hashtag.With every social media post it pounds at the forces who play with our freedom like tic tack toe.The usage of the hashtag is breaking the constraints of gender equality, correcting the wrongs of our past and is the symbol that denounces the ills of our present society.This symbol is used to consciencetise our future. In our history Books the # will be remembered as the symbol that stood for transformation in South Africa.
Lee-Roy Jason’s photographic body of work titled #EverythingMustFall documents the power of the hashtag and how it has revolutionised digital media and youth.

The New Black

The New Black is a contemporary group exhibition showcasing work by young emerging artists.The exhibition seeks to engage with the role of Western cultural agency in formulating and moulding the black narrative and its place in the historical canon.The exhibition serves to destabilise that hegemonic centre whose voice orates the past, present and futures of minority cultural groups globally.The New Black is also a reimagining of blackness and reclaiming of artistic agency within the dynamic and constantly changing notion of an African identity.The exhibition aims to critique the Western predisposition of ascribing tribal rituals, myths and songs to African knowledge and encouraging the perception that takes the obscurantist African practices as that which should be at the core of African epistemology.

Lazi "Greiispaces" Mathebula

Basha Uhuru Freedom Fest, Constitution Hill’s signature youth festival, celebrates its 5th year anniversary. Since its inception in 2013, the public has been captivated by the animated and vibrant artistic illustrations designed by the young and inspiring Lazi “Greiispaces” Mathebula.
Inspired by his childhood in Joburg’s Alexandra, Lazi is turning perceptions of township art on its head. His sketches of everyday subject matter, including everything from shoes to street dogs, are vibrantly transformed by neon dashes and patterned etchings when they get to his computer. His unique style has led him to collaborations with everyone from Nike to local brand Supreme Being and he has also been featured as one of the Design Indaba’s emerging creatives.
Basha Uhuru: A Retrospect, takes a leap back into time and explores five years of the magical illustrations that has popularised the youth festival to the trendy urban culture brand that it has become.

Mural Series - Lisolomzi "Mr Fuzzy Slippers" Pikoli

Art builds a bridge between the Constitution Hill, the media and the public.
“Con Hill remembers the horrors of the past, and yet embraces the promises of the future, marrying them with the reality of the present. It is home to the Constitutional Court, the birthplace of our democracy and protector of our human rights.”
South Africa’s constitution has been tested by politicians, business people, civil society groups and ordinary citizens over years – especially in recent high-profile cases. However, many South Africans don’t understand the critical role played by the Constitutional Court, and are not aware that the court sits at Constitution Hill and is open to the public.
The objective of this project is to draw attention to three key aspects: the past (Con Hill’s rich history), the present (South Africa’s current narrative) and the future (individual or collective hope) through large-scale, high impact artworks. This may be done by examining the role the constitution plays at an individual level, at community level or at the level of the country.
Emotive and controversial stories are acceptable because we want art that transforms viewers in a way that traditional museums displays can’t.
Social media will play an important role in conveying these images to the world and will help Constitution Hill to attract visitors to see the artworks and photograph them. Artists should therefore consider the way the artworks can be photographed for maximum impact, especially for social media.
The project will have two phases: the first is five wall murals on the walls around the Old Fort, and the second will feature sculptures and installations. Calls for entry for the second phase will be announced at a later date.

Lisolomzi Pikoli (Mr Fuzzy Slipperz) was born in Harare, Zimbabwe in 1989. Pikoli works predominantly in the medium of painting and drawing but also as a public artist (for example murals, installations and performances). His work aims to interpret the mechanics of the modern world and our inherited wisdoms through the human figure and its relationship to line, shape, form, movement and time. He has shown work individually and in group shows in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Germany and Japan, and has also been hosted as an artist-in-residence by the Trinity Sessions and the Keleketla! Library in Johannesburg. Pikoli was selected as one of the top 100 young Independents 2017. He lives and works between Cape Town and Johannesburg.

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