Nando's Creative Collisions

Nando's Creative Collisions 

Nando’s will create an installation Featuring HYD2016 winners Tulsha Booysen and Candice Lawrence in the Women’s Gaol

Dion Cupido: The Accidental Artist

Dion Cupido is largely self-taught and has come a long way from being a teenager doing graffiti on walls in the Cape Flats to the respected artist that he is today. He discovered his ability to paint in 1990 while helping a friend with a school project.Today it is clear that his studio-produced paintings still are deeply influenced by street art – so much so that it can be seen as another form of tagging.
An important realisation for him at the time was that his work also triggers certain thoughts and memories.
“I realised that our biased memories do more than simply present us with images of our personal history. It also shapes our sense of who and what we are. In doing so, it guides us to forming an opinion about ourselves that may not be very accurate.As a result it does little more than helping us experience life only as we THINK we know it.

Nando's Young Hot Designers

Nando’s Hot Young Designer Talent Search saw two local creatives sharing first place for their lighting designs.The competition brief was to design an African-inspired pendant light with a contemporary edge. Each of the winners received an order to produce 50 lights that will be installed in Nando’s restaurants across the globe. HYD2016 winners Tulsha Booysen and Candice Lawrence will collaborate over the festival to great a new african inspired light pendant.

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