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Basha Uhuru is conceptualized and hosted by Constitution Hill, a National Heritage Site boasting a living museum with a rich historical treasure chest and is also home to the Constitutional Court - a beacon of hope for the nation. Association with the Constitutional Court’s valuable South African signature art collection ensures sponsors the opportunity to be positioned strategically to continue the legacy of nurturing creative talent in South Africa.

The festival commemorates the youth of 1976 through a celebration of creative expression. It is an urban youth culture festival boasting a tapestry of arts platforms which connect creative industries with the trendy youth market.
Located within the Jo’burg inner-city, the province’s innovative cultural hub, Basha Uhuru is the creative heart beat of Jozi thus positioning the city as an attractive tourist destination during the month of June.
Basha Uhuru Youth Festival, Constitution Hill’s flagship arts festival commemorating South Africa’s youth of 1976, was established in 2013 to provide a platform that would facilitate the broad spectrum of artistic expression for young professionals in the creative industry. In its first year the festival, which encompassed a group art exhibition, panel discussions and music concert, attracted over 1500 youth and was well received by Johannesburg’s eclectic audience.
Now in its 5th year, it is well on it’s way to becoming one of Johanneburg’s most popular contemporary youth arts festival with 2016 seeing 10 000 youth from diverse cultural backgrounds descend on Constitution Hill to commemorate Youth Month together in a safe and positive environment.

Basha Uhuru 2017

This year, Constitution Hill is launching the “We The People Campaign”, a nation-wide advocacy programme designed to promote the Constitution and the values it represents. It will encourage public participation and ownership of the constitution by the citizens of our nation.

At its core the campaign invites South Africans to contribute their stories (past), their reflections (present), their hopes and aspirations (future). The campaign focuses on bringing out the voices of ordinary people. It is an invitation to all South Africans to take a pledge for the constitution and support the rights enshrined in the constitution.
It is aimed towards creating awareness and dialogue around the highest law of the land to ensure that all citizens can enjoy the liberty and protection espoused therein. Basha Uhuru Youth Festival thus sets out to commemorate the coming of age of our constitution which is in its 21st anniversary, and also the youth of 1976 in their fight for freedom and equality. It aims to build on the solid foundation created over the last four years and to provide an even bigger platform for the empowerment of youth and community development.
Our aim is to attract 10 000 participants to the festival programme. In addition to the people attending the festival, there is also a huge opportunity for young creatives, students and tourists to engage with exhibitions long after the initial launch of the festival.

2017 Programme

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